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Tenugui are traditional Japanese hand towels, dating back to 794 – 1192 (AD). Originally, tenugui were used in Shinto rituals and by samurai. Lacking a sewn in hem enabled samurai to tear long strips from their tenugui to bind wounds sustained in battle. The absence of a sewn hem also allows for cleanliness and quick drying.

Tenugui are hand made using an ancient silk screening method. Artisans apply a chusen dyeing technique using stencil paper. The dye infiltrates the cloth and the pattern appears equally on both sides. When the dye fades the tenugui gets a beautiful aged look. They are 40 x 13 inch 100% cotton cloths, very durable, but soft to the touch.

Tenugui can be used as bandanas, handkerchiefs, hand towels, wall decoration, or for wrapping small gifts.